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Bentzen Ball is tantalizingly close, as we make our way through October. Let’s feel our anticipation grow stronger as we spend a few minutes appreciating the work of the fabulous Sasheer Zamata, who’s appearing in conversation with Roxane Gay for A Smart, Funny and REAL Afternoon w/ Roxane Gay on October 26th at The Lincoln Theatre. Let’s watch some Sasheer clips!

More standup! She talks awkward voice-over situations in this one, and boy it gets weird!

As I’m sure you know, Sasheer spent a few great years on Saturday Night Live, here’s an extremely good and funny sketch from that time, the Easter Hotline, hosted by Sasheer in a hilarious pair of jeans.

Sasheer hosts a podcast with the amazing Nicole Byer, let’s learn some more about Best Friends via this interview she did with the BUILD Series.

Here’s a cool bonus content from Sasheer’s time on Saturday Night Live, where she meets with fans to share advice about escaping uncomfortable situations. Good advice and good jokes!

Sasheer partnered with the radio magicians at This American Life to build out one of her standup bits into a full-fledged radio play! It’s pretty fantastic, enjoy!