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Wow! We’re back with another comedian person who I guarantee you will like! I quite honestly should have written about this week’s comic FOREVER ago but I’ve been consistently blowing it for my entire life so it’s not surprising I guess? Sarah Shockey is a Chicago-based writer, illustrator, and comedy performer who creates funny, nice things at an admirably rapid clip. Let’s watch a clip of this very good original song she wrote and performed on public access TV earlier this year!

Sarah recently took a position as announcer for Resistance Pro Wrestling here in Chicago. Here’s a short interview with her about this crazy opportunity!

Oh LORD is Sarah a treat to follow on Twitter. I am a big fan of her Tweets. You are too, starting NOW.


Sarah was a member of the dearly departed musical sketch group The Shock T’s. Let’s watch the great video for their great song “Matt and Aimee” right now!

One of my favorites of Sarah’s myriad creative projects is Chuppy, the unofficial mascot for Heinz ketchup who exists in a McDonaldsland-like storybook town. We’re actually in the midst of a monthlong story arc from Chuppy, an interpretation of Dickens’ classic A Chistmas Carol. Here is the first few panels of the series to get you hooked! See you next week, friends!!