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Hi, let’s get right to it: this week’s funny human is standup comic/author/radio host Sara Benincasa, whose new book DC Trip was released this week! It’s her third book, and it’s already getting rave reviews from folks like Glamour Magazine, the Library Journal, and Bust Magazine. Let’s take a look at the trailer for the book now!

Sounds great, right? I think so! Lookin forward to reading it.

Okay, I mentioned Sara’s also a standup comic, a real good one, in fact. Observational, slice of life type personal storytelling stuff, I’m into it and I think you will too! Watch this piece she performed last year at UCB!


Sara hosted a webseries called Gettin’ Wet, where she interviewed guests like Margaret Cho, Neil Gaiman, and James Urbaniak! Here’s one of the most popular episodes, released in 2009, featuring Donald Glover, you’ll love it!

Here’s the part of the column where I show you some choice Tweets made by Sara! Let’s do it:


Alright, before we part for another week, we’ll watch this well-made animated short film that illustrated a clip from her last book, Agorafabulous! It’s funny and informational and thoughtful, everything we’ve come to know Sara to be over these last few paragraphs, right?