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Let’s do this, friends! Let’s get to know another extremely good & talented funny person. In honor of our upcoming Countdown! Pride Event at the Smithsonian American Art Museum this Friday (get your tickets here!), we’ve recently been appreciating some of our favorite queer comedians. This week, we’re going to enjoy some jokes from the very funny D.C. native Sampson McCormick! Let’s start off with this quick hit!

We’ll keep it rolling with more wild family stories and charming observations!

Here’s a nice interview Sampson did with TV One’s Sister Circle, it’s a fun one.

Like many funny humans before him, Sampson is a great person to be following if you’re looking to make your Twitter feed a funnier, less awful place. That way you can see posts like these ones.

Sampson wrote, directed, and stars in A Different Direction, an independent film touring the film festival circuit right now! Let’s check out a clip to see what’s in store.

Let’s treat ourselves to something a bit more longform on our way out, a nice full-length comedy special Sampson recorded a few years back called That Bitch Better Be Funny: Live at the Howard Theatre. It’s a ton of fun. Enjoy!