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Hello! Let’s meet a very, very talented young man named Sammy Arechar, a Chicago-based standup who is performing on a very special event organized by Chicago Underground Comedy, called Ja Ja Ja: A Night of Stand Up Comedy By Latinos tonight at the East Room. All proceeds are going to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, which is rad. Sammy’s been one of my favorite comics in Chicago for a while now, let’s watch some clips of him performing and you’ll see why!

Here’s a short installment of the web series Having A Few, featuring a notably unsober Sammy offering up some observations on life!

Sammy should have 100x the Twitter followers he does. His jokes are so good! Look!

Let’s watch this goofy lil webvid he did that is fun and silly.

And finally, before we part ways for another week, dear reader, let’s watch one of my favorite of Sammy’s bits, a joyous display of talent that never fails to make me laugh.