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We’re back! Let’s meet another person who’s good and funny at jokes! This week the person is Sam Morril, who’s appeared on Inside Amy Schumer, Last Comic Standing, and @Midnight. He was also very recently on Conan, which is the clip embedded directly below this sentence!

Love that pitch black humor! So dark and great. Speaking of late night television, here’s Sam’s appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert earlier this year!

Sam is one of the comedians featured on the upcoming season of SeeSo’s series Funny as Hell, here’s a segment of his set on that show, which hits the ‘So this week!


Of course, Sam’s knack for skillfully crafted one liners carries over to social media. Check out some choice Tweets:

It’s almost NYE, which means it’s time to start thinking about resolutions. Here’s a fun “man on the street” style segment Sam taped this time last year where he’s chatting up folks in Times Square about their resolutions for 2016.

On our way out, here’s a conversation Sam had with comedian Sean Donnelly about a heckler who dealt with some bad math and a class sensitivity. It’s a good story!!