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Alright, here we are, back again for another time! Roy Wood Jr. is our human this week, HOT off an appearance at the first-ever NYC edition of 7 Minutes in Purgatory, a high-concept comedy show I help run. Roy’s set was aces, and his recent work for the NEW Daily Show with Trevor Noah have been great so far! Like this one:

And this one!


Before his gig as correspondent on the Daily Show, Roy was on a different network doing jokes: TBS, more specifically Conan! This video! It’s a good one!

Roy’s got some good Tweets, unsurprisingly! Many of them are about food, which I love!

A few years ago, Roy’s work as a comedy phone call artist gained him a pretty huge following. And understandably so! This thing is ridiculous:

Okay, before we go, let’s watch one last installment of Roy live on Conan from a few years ago. Until next week, my friends!