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Every day that goes by, Bentzen Ball is closer. We just recently announced another round of special guests, including past funny humans like Sasheer Zamata and Catherine Cohen, as well as a whole bunch of new friends you’re going to be super into when you come out to the fest! One such person is Rosebud Baker, a NYC-based comic/writer/actor has appeared on Comedy Central and Amazon Video, and was named one of Just For Laughs’ New Faces of Comedy in 2018. She’s super funny, let’s watch a clip from Comedy Central Standup!

Rosebud also excels in a debate format, arguing in favor of Generation X in a Gen X v. Millennial debate at New York’s Uptown Showdown!

Next up, we’ll check out Rosebud’s appearance on the Comedy Central webseries Dollar Store Therapist! They really make a breakthrough here.

Rosebud’s a solid follow on Twitter. Let’s check out some recent favs to get a feel for Online Vibe!

Here’s a quick little clip from Amazon’s Inside Jokes webseries for us to enjoy on our way out. Real fun!