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Hello! Welcome back to another installment of Funny Human of the Week! Let’s get to know one of the most purely delightful standups I’ve ever seen. His name’s Ron Funches and he’s a standup originally from Portland, OR who now lives in LA. You might recognize him from the cast of NBC’s Undateable or Comedy Central’s Kroll Show or from his appearances on Conan! Here’s a clip of one of his Conan sets, get ready for some real silly fun:

Listen to that man giggle. So likeable!

Here’s another great clip from the Super Serious Show and is all about the Muppet Babies, but not in that annoying “90’s kid” sort of way, you know?

Ron did a video for Break.com in advance of the 2013 Comic Con reviewing the myriad costume options for black cosplayers. Some real good and silly lines in here!


Follow this man on Twitter! As you’d imagine, dude takes that charming onstage persona online effortlessly. Plus, you get behind the scenes photos from the set of NBC’s Undateable!

Last summer, Funny or Die released the first edition of Night Night, Ron’s own late night talk show that was the perfect wrench thrown in the stale, formulaic, old white guy driven format. Things get weird!

Before we part ways for another week, let’s watch one last clip. Watch below as Ron, a guest on Paul F. Tompkins’ show No You Shut Up! on the Fusion network, reads a letter to his future self! See you next time!!