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It’s time to talk about a comedian who I think you’ll like, here in this long-running column we do called Funny Human of the Week. This week we’re going to look at some stuff from former US Figure skating champion/current standup comic Roman Fraden, who has been getting a ton of attention for his new solo show Back In The Closet. Here’s a quick look at the show:

Roman’s standup is a ton of fun, let’s watch a clip of him performing at the LA-based comedy showcase Good Heroin.

Let’s watch another clip from Back In The Closet, a story about the time he met Sting! Sting sounds kinda mean tbh!

Like many of his comedy colleagues, Roman’s on Twitter, here are some quality, occasionally impressionistic bits from his feed!

One more clip from Back In The Closet, why not?? Here’s a chunk called Equinox Steam Room, about the weirdness of public near-nudity at the gym.

I first heard about Roman from his appearance on Put Your Hands Together, the long-running document of the LA standup scene that is a great way to stay up on who’s great. Let’s listen to that ep on our way out!