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Hello friends, let’s meet another comedian whose work is exceptionally funny and unique that I think you might be excited about! Standup comic and writer Robby Hoffman currently writes for The Chris Gethard Show and has performed at festivals around the country, and is just delightful. Let’s take a look at a real goofy set she performed at Toronto’s Comedy Bar!

Robby created and produced a really interesting webseries called Comedy in Biblical Proportions, where she ruminates on different elements of religion, both ancient and modern. Here’s the first episode, all about neighbors!

Let’s get to know our new friend Robby care of this nice chat she had with D.J. Demers on his interview podcast Definitely D.J.

Robby’s got one of the best Twitters going right now, if we’re being honest. Let’s see some recent highlights from the damn thing!

A recurring favorite of mine is her documentation of life with a 30something white dude, featuring some bleak/real as hell dispatches from roommate life.

Before we go, let’s watch one last extended clip, featuring Robby’s TED talk at TEDxMontrealWomen. It’s a talk called What’s It To You?. Find out what it is below!