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Hey friends, it’s time to meet a new comedian who has good jokes and a great overall vibe: it’s the funny human of the week! This week’s human is Rell Battle, a standup comic and writer who has wrote for shows like Roast Battle and Hood Adjacent with James Davis, and has appeared on Conan, Adam Devine’s House Party, and Superior Donuts. Let’s watch his recent Conan set to get us started!

Just some solid as hell standup comedy, yeah? Here’s our new friend on stage at the Laugh Factory, talking about the time his car got stolen!!

Let’s get to know Rell a bit better, on a more personal level. This is a longform interview he did with Black Hollywood Live’s chat show Stand-Up, Sit-Down. They go deep!

Rell’s on Twitter. Are you still on there? I think about deleting mine all the time but haven’t pulled the trigger. Either way, people like Rell keep the place nice, posting jokes like the below, keeping things enjoyable.

I mentioned earlier that Rell did standup on Comedy Central’s Adam Devine’s House Party. Let’s watch that on our way out! Talk to you next week!