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Folks, it’s time to check out some good stuff from a comedian who I think you’ll like. It’s Funny Human of the Week, starring this week’s human Rachel Pegram! Rachel is a NYC-based comic/writer/actor/singer who you will be seeing more of in the future, I’m sure! She’s written and appeared in a ton of solid stuff from around the web. Like this really well-made sketch!

Rachel is a member of the sketch group LO-FI NYC, here’s a real fun bit she did with her longtime comedy parter/future Funny Human Rachel Joravsky!

“More sketch comedy please!”- you, right now. “Okay for sure!” – Me! Here’s a real fun sketch produced for Comedy Central starring Rachel as a super friendly server.

Personality tests are weird, right? Here’s a fun clip featuring Rachel and a few other comedy-types, where they get the results of an in-depth personality test they’d recently taken.

Our new friend Rachel has got a real fun Twitter feed that you should incorporate into your life ASAP! Don’t miss out on solid posts like these ones ever again!!

Hey, before we part ways again, how was your Thanksgiving? Mine was nice! Let’s watch one last video together that’s SO CLOSE to being perfectly suited for the timing of this week’s column but we’re actually just a few days too late. It’s about turkeys eating Thanksgiving food and it was made for Above Average!