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Alright friends, let’s do this! Let’s meet another comedian whose work I think you’ll enjoy, who I think you’ll be seeing more of in the near future, who is super funny and unique and exciting. This week’s Funny Human is Rachel Kaly, a NYC based comic/writer whose work you may have seen/appreciated on ClickHole or Viceland. If not, strap in, because her Viceland appearance/debut late night set is our first clip of the week!

In addition to standup, Rachel does some pretty wild character work. Here’s her in character as Ellen Degeneres visiting the World Trade Center Memorial. It’s pretty wild!

Here’s another fun clip from our new friend Rachel, her doing standup last year at Union Hall in Brooklyn!

Rachel is really funny on Twitter. I say that about a lot of people we feature in this column. I mean it those times, and I mean it THIS TIME TOO! Here are some recent Quality Posts:

The dearly departed public access series The Special Without Brett Davis gave a platform to countless comics during its run. It was something special that allowed a segment like this one, featuring Rachel in character as Ellen again, having a real hard time of it. It’s so funny and the perfect clip for us to go out on.