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We’re about one month out from something VERY important: The Comedy Exposition of 2015, a weekend-long comedy festival that me and my friends started as a response to the Just For Laughs festival pulling out of Chicago in 2014. We booked a ton of incredible acts, over 70 of them in fact, with headliners like Todd Glass, James Adomian, Sara Schaefer, and more topping off the bill. Another headliner we’ve got lined up is the very funny Phoebe Robinson, who you might know from her excellent appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Good stuff, right? For sure. Here’s another, slightly older, clip that’s just as excellent.

Phoebe often collaborates with The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams, and they’re very funny together! This short filmed on the streets of NYC explores the concept of an apparently very real Lifetime TV show that’s like Queer Eye For The Straight Guy but with five black women helping out “basic women” (because they don’t want to say “bitches”).

This is a Funny Human of the Week first, I think. A landmark occasion. Unless it’s already happened and I’m forgetting. Here’s a clip of a TED Talk Phoebe gave earlier this year. TED Talks! Can you believe it?

Okay, check this out: this is a short film written by Phoebe, starring Baron Vaughn who is ALSO appearing at the Comedy Exposition! It’s an NSFW clip that features a lot of pixelated dildos. It’s insane!

I’m going to leave you with this last clip, it’s another collabo between Phoebe and Jessica, this one’s all about Kwanzaa and how your hacky jokes about it aren’t funny or cool! Comedyexposition.com tickets on sale now see you later!