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Hi friends! Let’s gather together and watch a series of Youtube videos and other web bits all featuring a single, up-and-coming comedy performer. This week’s funny person is Phil Wang, a British comic who is among the very exciting crop of standups with specials coming to Netflix as a part of their new series The Comedy Lineup. To get us started, here’s a clip of Phil performing in Melbourne earlier this year.

Feels like a while ago, Roast Battle was the top #1 A+ thing in comedy. It’s less like that now but it’s def still around! Let’s watch Phil Roast Battle Ed Gamble in this short lil clip!

It’s that time of the column where we get to know our new comedian friend through the medium of interview! Here’s a chat he did with What’s Up TV, discussing his history as an aspiring engineer, before shifting gears into comedy!

Our new friend Phil is a worthy addition to your Twitter feed, I assure you. Go to his profile when you’re done reading this article/watching these videos and then click “Follow” please! Here are some recent favs:

On our way out, let’s return to Melbourne and watch Phil’s segment of their Great Debate comedy show, where various comics take opposing opinions and yell at each other about them. Phil goes deep on space travel. Far out!