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Hello! Here we are again, can you believe it? Let’s meet another incredibly talented comedy person who I know you’re going to be a huge fan of by the time this article ends. This week’s Funny Human is Patti Harrison, whose viral appearance on The Tonight Show last week, responding to the stupid fucking ban of transgender people from the military, helped introduce her as one of the funniest up and coming comics going. Have you seen it? If not, watch below! If you have, watch it again!

Here’s an episode of Patti’s webseries, Convers(at)ion Therapy, where she interviews trans performer Theda Hammel.

Patti went to Comic Con last month and interviewed a whole bunch of folks for Comedy Central! It’s extremely funny because she’s extremely funny.

Patti’s webseries Patti Reviews Exotic Animals is my favorite web series in forever. It makes me laugh a lot and it will make you do the same. This one features a snake!

Folks… ya gotta follow our new friend Patti on Twitter. She’s a bright spot in my feed on the regular. Here are some favs:

Before we part ways for another week, here’s a great segment Patti did for MTV’s Decoded, which is both funny, informative, and a little cathartic.