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It’s time to meet another extremely funny comedian whose jokes I think you’ll like! It’s Funny Human of the Week! This week, we’re going to meet Pat Regan, a New York-based standup and co-host of the extremely good Seek Treatment podcast. Here’s a recent clip of Pat doing standup for Comedy Central!

Pat and his Seek Treatment co-host Cat Cohen shot this thing with NBC News where they learn about health insurance and it’s very good and funny!!

More standup! Let’s go!

If you’re on Twitter, I’m sorry, it’s a bad site. One way to make it better is to follow our new friend Pat, so you can see his high quality posts in your feed!! Let’s look at some recent good ones:

A long one on our way out, here’s a really great short film where Pat stars as the Gay Assistant to an It Girl, it’s called It Girl Gay Assistant!