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Holy cow, what is this? We’re doing something different this week in honor of the District of Comedy Festival, which takes over the Kennedy Center this weekend. Each day, we’ll highlight a different funny person who’s appearing at the festival and give you a taste of what makes them great/exciting/hilarious/etc. First up is Ophira Eisenberg, a stand up comic and storyteller who you might also recognize as the host of NPR’s weekly trivia show Ask Me Another. Here’s a clip of her performing on late night television!

This will not be Ophira’s first time at the Kennedy Center, here is a video of her performing there in 2015! Don’t be nervous about attending, immerse yourself in the experience online and then go for real!

Let’s see what happens when Ophira is asked a whole bunch of personal questions. What an intro to our new friend’s whole situation!

No one really likes being on Twitter but a lot of us still are. What’s the deal, there? One way to make your feed better is to follow funny people like Ophira. Here are some recent posts of quality.

Ophira is a regular at the well-loved storytelling series The Moth. Here’s a story she told a few years ago called The Accident. I don’t want to tell you any more than that!

Okay, on our way out, let’s watch a clip from a live recording of Ask Me Another, featuring very special guests Lucy Lawless and Bruce Campbell!