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SNL is in full swing so we’re highlighting of their new hires for the new season, Nimesh Patel, who was just picked up to write for the show this season!

Nimesh has recently pulled a handful of rad, high-profile writing gigs, contributing jokes to The 88th Annual Academy Awards and the 2017 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and has also appeared on Comedy Knockout and @Midnight! Let’s watch him do some standup though first.


Solid political jokes! I get why SNL was into him, you know? Here’s some more observational, relationship-y stuff.

I mentioned our new friend Nimesh was on @Midnight. Let’s watch a clip of his appearance, where he riffs on the impending climate apocalypse!

Okay, before we split, let’s watch one last clip of Nimesh doing standup! From New York’s very popular Live @ The Apt comedy show.