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Hello! Here’s another column, can you believe it? I can. Let’s talk about Nicole Byer, a UCB regular whose sketch, improv, and standup work has gotten people talking! You’ve seen her on Girl Code, 30 Rock, and “a nestle commercial that only runs in Israel,” and will agree with me when I assert that she’s super funny! Here’s a clip from her appearance on the NYC standup show Live At The Apt.


Let’s get to know Nicole better during an interview she did in advance of the new season of Girl Code with Entertainment Tonight.

Nicole had a chat with Pete Holmes on his You Made It Weird podcast about her experiences living in Los Angeles, which is a lot of fun.

Here’s a sketch she wrote that was inspired by her experiences on casting calls!

Nicole, as I’m sure you could imagine, is a real good person to follow on Twitter. Here’s some nice ones that should convince you to give her a follow if you haven’t already done so!



To close us out after another week of laughs and smiles, here’s a clip from season two of Girl Code. Nicole gets a Brazilian wax for the first time from a lady who’s a real handful. See you next week!