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Funny Human time! This week’s funny human is Neil Cicierega, who released a little mashup album called Mouth Sounds to wild acclaim last year. We’re gonna dig deeper into this dude’s catalogue, but first, let’s check in again (or for the first time) on this celebration of the ugly, the tacky, the overplayed.

So staying in the funny remix realm, Neil dropped this Lenny Kravitz remix on our heads a few months ago, and it’s absolutely legendary. I’ve watched this video now five or six times and find something different to love about it each time.

We’ve established that Neil is an expert manipulator of media, both sound and video, right? Let’s reinforce the video element by watching this short clip of The Zero Stooges, a reimagining of the classic comedy team.

Like many funny humans before him, Neil is a good guy to follow on Twitter, because he’s funny and has fun jokes that can sometimes make you sad, too! Some examples:

Okay, before we go for another week, we’ll look at a couple of Neil’s blogs. Like thsi one, Windows 95 Tips, which casts popup notification windows as desperate, mean spirited, paranoid ghouls.


Another favorite, and the last thing we’ll look at together until next week is google-suggest.tumblr.com, which goofs on the autosuggestions that come up when you’re Googling things! It sounds a little obvious but it’s in fact totally insane!