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It’s that time again, Funny Human of the Week time! This week’s human is Natasha Rothwell, an LA-based writer/performer who is very, very funny and also the star of the very first clip released from the upcoming Netflix comedy series The Characters! Look!

Way to own it, Natasha! We’re all basic, when you think about it.

Natasha is a staple at the very popular UCB Theaters, here’s a solo sketch she performed at UCB a few years ago! This is v fun.

Here’s a live sketch from 212, a UCB house team, this, too, is a lot of fun. It’s called Feminist Bachelorette Party and that’s exactly the concept! Really fun.

Natasha’s fun on Twitter! A lot of real great tweets, of course!. Like these:

Okay, one last clip before we go. It’s another sketch from Natasha’s 212 days, this one’s called Nigerian Girl and she is VERY funny in this.