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Folks! Let’s meet another comedian who you will assuredly be into! Monrok is a mononymous comedian who you may recognize from her recent appearance on Conan or from her appearances live around the country! She’s super funny. Here’s a very pregnant Monrok doing a really funny late night set!

Let’s spend a minute with Monrok and reflect on American culture during Monrok Minute: Travel! She digs deep on things.

How about we get to know our new friend Monrok a bit better, care of this interview she did with her fellow comedian Mike Von.

Twitter! We’ve addressed that it is a bad website before but it bears repeating: it stinks! Just garbage takes and people fighting all over the place with few light spots. Monrok’s feed (@MONROK, of course), is home to some nice posts, giving you a bit of light in the bleakness of the bad site. Here are a few choice tweets!

Monrok is a regular at the Laugh Factory, here’s a quick clip where she talks about the brutal reality of gender inequality.

Before we go, let’s watch this loving tribute to white people that was Monrok put together. What a culture!