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Hey! Here we are again, to talk about a big time talent from the comedy world. This week’s human is Mitra Jouhari, a writer and comedian who lives in New York. She’s currently a writer for The President Show, worked on Full Frontal and has been in all sorts of high quality vids from around the ‘net. For example this one, crafted with her sketch group, Three Busy Debras.

Here’s another great video, that gets extremely dark extremely quickly. It’s very good.

Ever tried to apply for a job? It’s hard! Here’s Mitra with some tips on making your resume look good as hell to make yourself extra hireable.

I mentioned before that Mitra worked on Full Frontal! Here’s a clip she starred in for the show. It’s good stuff!

Mitra’s so good on twitter, you guys. She’s a definite must follow, if you ask me. Here are some reasons why:

One last clip before it’s time to go again! Here’s a clip from the folks at Above Average that features Mitra, it’s called “When You Find Out Your Boyfriend Is Short” and it’s about exactly that. I know that feel, folks!