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It’s time to talk about another hugely talented comedy person that you may or may not be acquainted with. This week’s Funny Human is Milly Tamarez, a NYC-based comedian who’s one of the producers of the Diverse As Fuck Comedy Festival, a rad looking celebration of the many disparate comedic perspectives that are thriving in 2018, coming to NYC on March 30th and 31st. You may have seen her on BET, Vice, Comedy Central, or elsewhere, she’s responsible for a bunch of funny stuff online (and in the real world).

For example, her Tumblr whiteforgiveness.tumblr.com, in which she offers the service of forgiving white guilt to anyone who Venmos her money, accompanied by a brief writeup about the guilty party. Here’s a promo video for this very thoughtful service.

And some super funny excerpts from the blog:




Milly’s a regularly featured performer on Deadass, a NYC-based TV and video collective, which helps produce funny short films like this one, a commercial for Flex On Your Ex, an innovative new service that many of us could probably use.

Our new friend Milly is super funny on Twitter! Go follow her, she’s great! Here are some quality posts as a nice sample:

Before we go, let’s watch another fun Deadass clip she stars in called RANT OF THE WEEK, which goes off the rails real quick.