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Hi! It’s Funny Human of the Week, my weekly thing where I tell you about a comedian whose goofs are good! This week’s comic is Mike Lebovitz, a Chicago-based nasty boy who has performed at Just For Laughs in Montreal and the Montreux Comedy Festival in Switzerland. He’s hands down one of the best, most dedicated comics working in Chicago right now and has been for several years.

This weekend, he’s recording his debut standup album at Timothy O’Tooles in downtown Chicago, a room that hosts Comedians You Should Know, a long-running weekly show that he cofounded and helped develop into the most polished independent showcase in the city. To get more accustomed to Lebo’s charmingly filthy style, let’s watch a clip of him at his home turf!

That one wasn’t long enough! We need more. This next clip is from the historic Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, and gives you a great idea of his whole onstage “thing,” you know?

Look at that guy. Love this guy.

Mike also moonlights as a beat reporter, tackling the issues and asking questions others are afraid to.

A few years ago, Mike started a Christmas eve tradition of getting the hashtag #withmydick trending on Twitter. As you saw in the newscaster video above, “my dick” is a phrase that plays an important role in Lebo’s lexicon. BYT’s own Brandon Wetherbee wrote about this holiday phenomenon on his Behind the Desk series, which you should read and then come back here.

Speaking of Twitter, here’s some other solid Lebo Tweets, some dick-related, some poop-related, all fun and funny.




Here’s one last thing before we go. “Copstache” is a cult favorite in the Chicago comedy scene, featuring former Funny Human of the Week Joe McAdam and the incredibly funny Dan Ronan, who passed away earlier this year. Click play and you’ll be a Copstache convert just like the rest of us.

The taping of Mike Lebovitz’s debut standup recording is this Friday and Saturday at Timothy O’Tooles in Chicago. Friday night’s show is sold out, but some tickets for the two Saturday shows remain. Buy them here before those sell out too.