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It’s that time of the week again, where we all gather around our screens and take in a collection of media bits from an up-and-coming comedy star. This week’s funny human is Mike Camerlengo, a NYC-based comic and actor who is responsible for the new webseries/website TheSoftballFreeAgent.com. He’s just a dude looking to join your softball team and so he made a series of videos about it, you know?

You know what’s helpful is when people review movies for me. It’s nice to have a recap of a film I might watch, taking into account an expert opinion before taking the plunge on a Redbox rental or whatever. Mike’s film review series Cool Dude Bro’s Movie Reviews is one such platform for reviews, let’s check out his recap of Teen Wolf!

Mike’s short pilot Bucksport For Life! was selected for New York Television Festival in 2016, let’s take a look at it! It’s an affectionate portrait of an aging party animal whose life of depravity has started to catch up to him.

Let’s check out Mike’s Twitter feed, huh? And then afterwards click over there and give the dude a follow.

Here’s the trailer for a pretty intriguing looking web series, 12 Beers, which was written and directed by our new friend Mike, who also costars in it with Emily Kron. They play a couple who have been together a long time, and drink a bunch of beer while deciding if they should keep it that way!

Mike Investigates is a short, but still in-depth examination of a question we’ve all wondered about: would Mike be able to beat up his brother? Let’s take a look, before we part ways for another week.