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Fooooolks it’s Bentzen Ball week and YOU KNOW we’re gonna feature a Bentzen Ball headliner as a part of this week’s Funny Human of the Week. Looking back through the Funny Human archives I was shocked to discover that this week’s comedian has yet to be featured. It’s Michelle Buteau, she’s great, and she’s co-hosting a show at the Lincoln Theatre on October 26th called #ADULTING with Jordan Carlos! She’ll be joined by special guests like Tig Notaro, Sheng Wang, Amanda Seales, and more!

Let’s watch Michelle doing standup, huh? Here she is on HBO’s 2 Dope Queens!

One way to get to know a comedian better is via a novelty interview show, like Stupid Questions with Christ Distefano! We learn a lot of interesting nuggets about Michelle in this thing!

Michelle hosted a webseries for VH1 called In the Know with Michelle Buteau, here’s an informative ep all about plastic surgery! Yikes!

Our new friend is a real good poster on Twitter if you haven’t already smashed that “follow” button. Sometimes she posts about NYC livin:

Sometimes she’s tossing out classic nuggets of wisdom:

Before we go, let’s watch Michelle’s adventure through the comedy challenge (which full disclosure I helped create) 7 Minutes in Purgatory! She did great! She’s great!