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Here we are! Another week, another person whose sense of humor is v closely aligned with mine! This week’s comedy person is the wildly funny and talented cartoonist Michael Kupperman! He’s the author of books like Mark Twain’s Autobiography 1910-2010 and the incredibly influential and fabulous Tales Design To Thrizzle series. His artwork skews absurd and old-timey in a way that is reminiscent of the revered “Old Conan” glory days of late night TV, much of it feeling like dispatches from a demented alternate universe where 1950s American values were never swallowed by irony. Let’s check out some examples of his snackable, more single-panel-y type work.

Great, right? Truly weird, singular stuff. For more in-depth narratives, check out his website, which has select comics laid out panel-by-panel for you to enjoy.

Michael’s regularly one of the best dudes in my Twitter feed. Tons of good jokes, all the damn time. Here are some:

So we’ve seen his art, we’ve seen his tweets, but who *IS* this dude? Let’s find out during this nice interview with Think X.

Let’s leave on a high note, specifically a high note hit by this video collaboration between Michael and the wonderful Julie Klausner (of the incredible Hulu series Difficult People). See you next week!