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Comedy Central released their list of comics that will be featured in their long-running half hour specials series in 2019, and I’m pleased to report that basically every comic on the damn list has been featured as Funny Human of the Week over the last few years. One such exception is the very funny Mia Jackson, who we’re going to talk about this week! She’s appeared on Last Comic Standing, Inside Amy Schumer, and Viceland, and is generally just extremely funny. Let’s watch a quick excerpt from a set!

More standup! This clip was featured on that TV show Laughs, which is precisely what it will make you do: Laughs!

Let’s go follow our new friend Mia on Twitter, huh? See below for the kinds of jokes that await you!

Mia’s real tall, let’s watch a standup clip where she talks about it! It gets real silly.

A nice longform interview on our way out, yeah? Here’s Mia’s appearance on the Hot Breath Podcast, they go deep on her life as a professional comic, plus there’s a real cute dog hanging out in the background! Hi Guinness!