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We’re back to talk about another extremely good comedian whose jokes you’ll like and whose general web presence and capacity for making content will make you smile. It’s Funny Human of the Week! This week, we’re going to get to know the work of Mekki Leeper, an LA-based comic who very recently made his late night standup debut on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Let’s watch!

You know who else is a fan of Mekki? The folks over at Comedy Central, that’s who. Here he is performing as a part of Comedy Central’s Up Next show at Clusterfest.

In fact, Comedy Central and Mekki are such good friend they got together to make this webseries called Resolutions. Let’s watch episode one!

Here’s a good idea, go over to Twitter and follow Mekki, that way you won’t miss any more high quality posts from our new friend.

On our way out, let’s watch this quick little square shaped video that tells the tale of a bag of candy haunted by something worse than your typical ghouls!