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Hey! Great news for you! You’re about to meet a new person who is very funny and whose jokes will improve your day in a REAL WAY. The person is Megan Green and she is a writer and performer who lives in Los Angeles. Megan is one of the creators of a new webseries currently happening on IFC’s various web platforms called Does Dave Know We’re Here? It’s a really great show that I think you’ll enjoy!

Megan was a writer for the Late Live Show, a live late night comedy talk show based in Chicago for many years. Here is a very great character sketch she did as a part of the Late Live Show! She plays an expert on angels! This is intensely funny stuff, one of my favorite bits from a show full of my favorite bits.

Twitter is another place where you can appreciate the high quality jokewriting abilities Megan offers you FOR FREE. Here are some examples:

Bonus tweets: Megan is also a contributing writer to the very funny Fake Pinterest Twitter account, which aggregates a list of (completely made up) finds on Pinterest. While we have no way of knowing if they are her contributions, these are some of my favs from that account:

Last year, Megan co-wrote and starred in Cowards, a pilot that won the Best Comedy Pilot award at the New York TV Festival, which is a very big deal! And guess what, you’re able to watch the whole thing right now because we live in a wonderful time. It’s well worth your time, I promise! See you next week!