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Hello! Funny Human of The Week returns after a much-needed post-Comedy Exposition of 2014 week off (the festival went great, thanks for asking!). I’m here now to tell you about one of my favorite former Chicagoans, Megan Gailey, who now lives in NYC and is one of the smartest, most caustic comics to ever come out of the scene.

Megan’s a regular at festivals (her headlining show at the Comedy Expo was so sold out that 20+ people had to be turned away!!) and clubs around the county and will soon be on all of your TVs all of the time. She was also named one of Complex Magazine’s Comedians Under 30 to Check Out This Year.

Here’s a clip of her doing standup a couple of years ago in Austin!

Let’s get to know her a bit more with help from Red Eye’s Andy Boyle and some silly questions.

Megan’s talent for self-effacing/hyper-aware one liners translates perfectly to Twitter, of course! Here’s some recent favs:

To close us out, here’s Megan in one of my favorite editions of a webseries called Personal Trivia, where comedians quiz folks on the street and subjectively judge their questions (this was before Billy On The Street, for the record!). It’s a lot of fun!