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It’s that time again, friends: time to get to know a very funny person whose work I enjoy and want to share with the world! This week we’re going to watch some clips from Matt Rogers, a NYC-based comedian/writer/actor, who hosts Las Culturistas alongside Bowen Yang (who you may remember from another recent Funny Human post!) and has been featured on MTV, Funny or Die, Reductress, and many others! He’s also one of the stars of the brand new comedy podcast Fuck Hut Music School For Teens, which features a whole slew of past Funny Humans!

Matt’s character work is amazing, I’m sure you’ll agree after watching this solo sketch performance called A Straight Gay Teen! So savage, so perfect.

Next up, let’s check out a fun clip made for Above Average called Cleopatra & Caesar also featuring Sudi Green and Bowen Yang! Do you like history? You will now!

It was just Thanksgiving! How was yours? Okay? Let’s relive last Thursday by watching this clip from Thanksgiving 2018 featuring Matt and future Funny Human Dave Mizzoni all about various things from across pop culture that deserve to be pardoned alongside some Thanksgiving turkeys!

Matt’s real funny on Twitter. Let’s all go follow him, ok? That way we get to see posts like these every day!

Here’s a nice interview Matt did with Ziwe Fumudoh about his childhood experience with racism for her excellent comedy/interview series Baited with Ziwe!

One last character sketch, just in time for the Holiday Season! Here’s a nice song sung from Mrs. Claus’ perspective called “Every Christmas Eve” as sung by our new comedy fav Matt Rogers.