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Alright cool! Here’s another funny person who’s got good goofs! His name’s Matt Ingebretson and a pilot he wrote alongside previous Funny Human of the Week Jake Weisman and future FHOTW Pat Bishop, was just picked up by Comedy Central! Good for those guys! Let’s get to know Matt by watching him do some standup:

Matt’s also a good comedic actor, creating and starring in a bunch of good web shorts, like this one, called Saying Goodbye! This thing is brutal, dude.

I like this video Matt made with former Funny Human Dave Ross, where they try fencing without knowing how to fence at all. I feel like they’re probably not wearing enough of the proper safety equipment, also.

Matt’s good at Twitter. Really good! I like a lot of his tweets and I think you will, too. Here are some good ones!

One last video before we part ways for another week! Here’s a video called The Record Collector, where he plays a totally rational and reasonable human. Just kidding he’s a big ol’ weirdo! See you next time!