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Hello! Let’s meet Mary Mack, a very funny and a charmingly self-descried “folk humorist” whose voice work you may have heard on Aqua Teen Hunger Force or standup you may have seen on Last Comic Standing or Conan! Let’s take in a clip of her recent debut performance on Conan! She’s so fun!

That persona is not a put-on, folks! As evidenced by this real deal interview sponsored by a jerky company that brands itself as “premium guy candy” which is truly ridiculous. Let’s look past the convoluted trappings of this segment and appreciate the quality Mary Mack-ness at it’s center.

Here’s a real goofy character piece she did as Ricky Rubio, a basketball player with VERY impressive moves.

In addition to standup and character work, Mary also writes comedy songs! Like this one, about skinny jeans.

Mary’s got a fun Twitter feed, too. Check out some recent faves and maybe consider giving her a follow?

Okay, one more thing before we go: a video called “Puberty Talk” and it’s just that!! Enjoy! See you next week!