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Happy New Year! 2016’s first funny human of the week is Mary Houlihan, who I became a fan of based on her recent appearances on The Best Show over the last few months. You listen to The Best Show, right? Of course you do! Anyways, Mary’s great and funny. Here’s a video:

That was from her one woman show Live ‘N’ Good! Funny, goofy stuff, huh? Here’s another segment from that same show. A lot of fun.

Mary hosts a show in New York called Cartoon Monsoon, which pays tribute to shows like Lamb Chop’s Play Along and Pee Wee’s Playhouse, with puppets and animation interacting live with actual human performers! Here’s a clip from a recent show!

We talk a lot about good Twitterers in this column, so this won’t necessarily come as a surprise, but Mary’s very funny on Twitter! Give her a follow! Here are some Tweets from her:


Alright, it’s almost time to split again, but here’s one last video featuring Mary, from the sketch group Good Cop Great Cop. I’m real on board with this. I’ll see you next time, okay?