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Friends, it’s time to get to know a new comedian that I think you’ll be into. This week we’ll be taking a look at the work of NYC-based standup comic Martin Urbano, who you may have seen on Jimmy Kimmel, Comedy Central, and The CW! He’s also one of the many, many, insanely funny people appearing on the forthcoming National Lampoon Radio Hour podcast premiering next month, which I’m very excited for. Either way, let’s watch a clip of Martin doing standup!

Not just a killer joke writer, Martin’s also got some goofy character bits, including this really great intro to a comedy class he taught on New York Public Access TV, care of the Chris Gethard Presents series!

More characters! This is Pablo Chalupa, who popped up on The Special Without Brett Davis one day!

Let’s watch this panel discussion Martin had with Chris Gethard and Kelsey Caine about offensive comedy. They talk about the line and what happens when you cross it!

Martin’s been doing a bit on Twitter recently where he writes insane tags inspired by New York Post tweets and I love it. Here are some recent killers:

On our way out, we’ll watch the intro for the second round of his Comedy Amateurclass, aired last month on Chris Gethard Presents!