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Here’s another one of this column, where I tell you all about a funny person with good jokes! Let’s meet Marcia Belsky, a standup comic based in NYC whose new Tumblr/Twitter account Headless Women of Hollywood has been lighting up the web since being launched a few weeks ago. It’s a compendium of movie posters that feature various womens’ body parts (always sans head) and it’s a great act of comedy as criticism that I think you’ll really enjoy.

Off the web, Marcia is a very funny comedian. Here’s a clip of a recent appearance at Gotham Comedy Club, which I truly enjoyed.

Marica is also a member of a band, called Free the Mind. Here’s some footage of a live performance of their very funny song “All Older White Men.”

I like Marcia’s Twitter presence quite a bit. It’s a great feed! Check this stuff out and give her a follow, you’ll be glad you did!

Before we go, let’s check out another Free the Mind joint. This track is called “Women Are Perfect” and it’s so good!