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Hi friends! Let’s meet another comedian who I think you’ll like! This week’s Funny Human was among the crop of recently announced comics that will be releasing specials via Netflix’s forthcoming international standup info dump, it’s Canadian standup Mae Martin! Here’s a recent clip of her doing standup on TV!

Here’s our new friend Mae talking about the modern sexuality, care of the BBC III! She’s running thru a bunch of stuff that she finds attractive in a person! Warning, you’re gonna agree with a lot of these, folks.

Not only does Mae excel at standup, she’s also a musician, occasionally performing songs in the midst of her sets. Here’s a song about Don Cheadle!

Mae is on Twitter! She’s very funny! Here are some tweets to show you what I mean!

Here’s another real good clip of Mae telling jokes onstage. This one is from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala, so it’s for a good cause, too!

On our way out, here’s a nice longform interview Mae did with the somewhat grating but extremely popular Russell Brand! They go deep on society’s increasingly open-minded approach towards gender and sexuality.