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Hi folks, it’s time for us to meet another super funny + talented person who’s real good at comedy stuff. This week’s Funny Human is Lorelei Ramirez, a multifaceted standup/sketch comedian/performance artist/director whose subversive, darkly absurd style is really gonna do it for you, I think. I first saw Lorelei in The Cry of Mann, a limited-run series produced by the geniuses at Wham City Comedy for Adult Swim. It’s a truly magical show that I encourage you to go watch, after we’re done here. Anyways, here’s Lorelei trying to teach you to make a milkshake!

Here’s what is perhaps the only good “on the street” interview sesh ever done at a music festival. It seeks to answer bigger questions, exploring What It All Means and stuff. It’s also very funny and made people in the comments section very angry, which is hilarious.

Lorelei directed and produced this amazing short film, BJORK, which is both very entertaining and visually striking.

Hey, let’s check in on our new friend’s Twitter account! Give it a follow to inject some surreal-ness and quality jokes into your feed, ok? Here are a few highlights:

Lorelei is one of the featured performers in the new, super interesting looking interactive comedy series Wrixling, she’s one of the Directors of Behavior for a new school of experimental psychology and you can schedule a session online to experience the full thing yourself!

Remember that “on the street” interview thing from before? The one she made for Vice? Here’s another one that’s along the same lines, but shot in Williamsburg and was produced for The Special Without Brett Davis. It’s great and unfortunately the last thing we’re gonna watch together this week.