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Hi! How are you? Good! Let’s meet our funny human for the week, the very talented illustrator who is one of my favorite comic artists working today! She’s responsible for the character designs and production of the acclaimed Netflix show Bojack Horseman and she recently had a new collection of illustrations and comics come out, called Hot Dog Taste Test. Let’s look at a few sample pages of the book to get a feel for what it’s like, courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter!

Lisa also co-hosts a podcast called Baby Geniuses with future funny human Emily Heller! It’s a very funny podcast that’s a part of the Maximum Fun network, home to many great shows. Baby Geniuses invites various fun/funny guests to come on and share some info about any topic, however weird or offbeat, that they’re knowledgeable about! It’s fun! Here’s a clip of the co-hosts talking trash on Star Wars, which is great.

You should follow Lisa on Twitter. You get jokes, you get pictures of art, you get fun other stuff. It’s the whole package! Here are some examples of why:


Last but CERTAINLY not least, Lisa is responsible for this very cool animated music video that Tegan & Sara released last week. It’s got her iconic human-animal hybrids, it’s got whimsy (but not the lame mid-aughts kind, this feels legit), it’s great. Enjoy this and I will talk to you next week. Bye!