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So we can all agree that Tim Robinson’s Netflix series I Think You Should Leave is easily the funniest TV show in forever. Here at Funny Human HQ, we thought it’d be fun to appreciate one of the many funny people that helped contribute to the madness, playing a foil to the Robinson’s manic unpredictability.
This week, we’re going to get to know Lily Sullivan, a comedian and actor based in Los Angeles that you may remember as Robinson’s date who ate too many of the fully loaded nachos for his liking. You may also recognize Lily from another massively funny (and criminally underseen) series, Shrink, or from her extremely good appearance on Comedy Bang Bang earlier this year!
Let’s start off with a nice self-taped audition Lily put together to appear on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. It’s dead on, based on what little I’ve seen of that show.

Coachella just recently wrapped up, here’s a nice sketch Lily shot featuring two ladies running into each other at the fest!

Here’s a really good makeup tutorial that doesn’t need any more context than that!

Lily’s on Twitter, doing super funny posts and all that. You should follow her so you can get Tweets like this direct 2 your timeline!

On our way out, let’s throw on that ep of Comedy Bang Bang I mentioned earlier, featuring Lily, plus future Funny Humans Flula Borg and Shaun Diston!