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Let’s get right down to it, no nonsense this week: Laurie Kilmartin is a great standup comic and if you don’t know her, you should! She’s currently a writer on Conan, and was a finalist on Last Comic Standing’s season 7. She has appeared multiple times on Comedy Central, and across other late night platforms. It was recently announced that her new standup special, 45 Jokes About My Dead Dad, will be streaming exclusively on SeeSo later this year, which is very exciting! Let’s watch a clip of Laurie performing a set at her workplace, Conan, from a few years ago!

In addition to being a monologue joke machine in the writers’ room at Conan, Laurie’s also a tireless tour-er. She hits the clubs seemingly any time she’s not working in Hollywood. Here’s a clip from one of those totally once-in-a-lifetime moments you experience at a live comedy show: Laurie doing crowd work with a 12-year-old.

Laurie is the co-author of Sh*tty Mom: The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us, a no-nonsense parenting guide written by a quartet of very funny ladies. Here’s a clip she did in promotion for the book a few years ago!

Give Laurie a follow on Twitter, okay? She’s an active, intelligent user who also posts very good and funny jokes:

One last clip before we part ways: this is a short bit from Laurie, where she talks about breaking the bad news about Bill Cosby. What a way to go out, folks! See you next week!