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Hello and welcome to yet another installment of Funny Human of the Week, a column featuring the web goofs of a different funny person each week. This week’s human is the supremely talented Lauren Lapkus, who you may recognize from Orange Is The New Black or her many appearances on the Comedy Bang! Bang! TV show and podcast.

She was also one of the guests on a very special SXSW edition of a show I co-created with former Funny Human Ian Abramson, Seven Minutes In Purgatory, which is the only personal plug I plan on including in this week’s column!

Lauren is a writer/performer with an especially strong knack for childish-yet-dark character work, like in this clip from Funny or Die! I like this a lot!!

I mentioned you might know Lauren from Comedy Bang! Bang!, both the TV show and the podcast. This clip is an extremely fun one and a great showcase of her weirdo talents, despite the presence of the endlessly uncool Kevin Smith!


It’s basically a prerequisite for Funny Humandom to be a skilled Twitterer, and Lauren’s got skills for days. Check out these quality Tweets and give her a follow if you haven’t already done so!





Lauren has her own high-concept podcast on the Earwolf network called With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus, with a hook that seems more complicated than it is. Each episode is an installment of a different nonexistent podcast hosted by a different comedian, with Lauren appearing their guest. It’s confusing but not really! Also very fun and funny! Here’s a good example of how the show works: this is Lauren appearing on The Betsy Podcast, hosted by improviser Betsy Sodaro!


To close out the column for another week, here’s a great clip featuring Lauren’s improv group Wild Horses, playing a four police officers/super fun friends killing time on a stakeout.