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Update: This piece was originally published on March 24. Lashonda Lester tragically passed away today. RIP.

Hey there, alright, let’s do this! It’s time to meet a comedian whose jokes I think you’ll really enjoy. This week’s funny human is Lashonda Lester, an Austin-based standup comic who is among the very stacked and awesome list of comedians who will be taping Comedy Central half hour specials this year, which features many folks we’ve talked about in this very column! She’s appeared on Nickelodeon’s NickMom Night Out and Laughs on Fox, and recently won the 2016 edition of the long-running Funniest Person in Austin competition. Let’s watch her winning set to get acquainted!

So we’ve established that Lashonda is super funny. Now let’s get to know her as a person a bit more, courtesy of the Inside Joke webseries, recorded at Austin’s Moontower Comedy Festival.

I found this incredibly good bit Lashonda did for the Suck Slam, a competition that challenges performers to craft hilariously terrible slam poetry. I give this ten out of ten snaps.

Lashonda is on Twitter, and because this is the funny human of the week column, I’ve gotta share some of my favorite posts! See below:

And, in perhaps one of my favorite moments in Funny Human history, these two tweets, which were posted less than five minutes apart:

Ever wonder what it’s like to grab drinks with one of our fabulous funny humans? Now you can recreate this experience with our new friend Lashonda, courtesy of Austin.com’s ongoing Day Drinking series. Let’s check it out and get stoked to catch her Half Hour special coming later this year!