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Wow happy new year, right? It’s 2019 finally and can you even believe it? We had some time off over the last few weeks but now it’s time to get right back into talking about comedy people who are great and talented and are on their way to becoming super famous. The first Funny Human of 2019 is New York’s Larry Owens.

He’s been named as an exciting up-and-comer to watch by folks like Vulture and Time Out New York, who cite his theatrical training at the famous Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago as integral to his singular style. Here’s a taste of what you can expect when seeing our new friend Larry live! So fun.

More live Larry Owens please! I could watch these clips all day.

Larry has a real great Twitter feed, of course. You’d be smart to give him a follow, so you can see fun as hell posts like these all the time!

The folks at the Las Culturistas Podcast host a really great live show called I Don’t Think So Honey, which features a huge number of comics GOING OFF on culture for one minute apiece. Here’s Larry’s segment, where he just absolutely has a TIME with New York City Style Pizza!

It was just recently the holidays, right? It was! That’s why it’s okay to still share this Man on the Street style segment Larry Recorded a few years back around the holidays, it’s a lot of fun!