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Alright, one last one for 2015, let’s go for it. This is Langston Kerman, he’s a very funny comedian based in NYC, and was named a New Face at Just For Laughs earlier this year, which is a big deal! I think you’ll enjoy his jokes, here’s a short clip for you to get acquainted.

Here’s an episode of Storytime, a webseries produced by Above Average, starring Langston! It’s a story from his day job as a teacher, which, honestly, sounds like a nightmare.

An idea for you: head on over to Twitter and give Langston a follow, if you aren’t already following him. Here’s some examples of why this is a good idea:

I mentioned earlier that Langston was a New Face at JFL Montreal! Here’s a brief interview he did there! Let’s see this!

Speaking of interviews! One last thing before we go. Here’s his appearance on comedian Simmons McDavid’s Comedy Chit Chat webseries. I’ll see you in 2016.