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Friends, it’s time to meet another comedian whose jokes I can assure you are extremely good. This week’s featured Funny Human is Kiri Pritchard-McLean, cohost, along with future Funny Human of the Week Rachel Fairburn, of the true crime/comedy (is there a weirder/better combo?) podcast All Killa No Filla. Each episode Kiri and Rachel discuss the life and crimes of a different serial killer, but like, make it fun, because they’re comics, you know? Here’s a few minutes of our new friend Kiri doing standup!

Here’s a clip Kiri made with BBC Three called Hungover or Pregnant? and it’s a nice little slice of life web video that I really enjoy.

OK, now more standup from Kiri! She really gets into it in this one, it’s wild.

The comedy producer suits love a Roast Battle, huh? I guess it’s no surprise that the jokes in this brief Comedy Central UK clip are tighter and more clever than their often overtly mean-spirited cousins over here on our side of the pond.

If you’re not following Kiri on Twitter, there’s still time to do so. Go do so now so you don’t miss any more posts like some of these recent gems:

On our way out, let’s dig in on a recent ep of All Killa No Filla, all about John Haigh, better known as The Acid Bath Killer. It’s a fun listen! What a nice time we’ve had getting to know Kiri, right?